Every day seems to top yesterday

How lucky am I? Today was SO FUN! I got up early, drank a bunch of coffee, packed up and waited for my ride! David Brown picked me up in Anaaconda and we rolled up to Discovery Ski area. David’s a local so was my guide for the day. He’s a fantastic skier and we had a blast tearing up the slopes.

David Brown

And what an area it is! The snow was great, there were zero lines, and the terrain is varied. We skied hard from opening through to our lunch reservation at 12:30. After lunch we skied hard for another hour – plus.

Dave being a good sport and posing for me

Then I headed south on I-15. The road conditions were great. Dry pavement the whole way.

Sunset in Idaho north of Idaho Falls

I made it to Pocatello just in time for a crazy windy, blowing, snowing storm to hit. I had to park my car up the road from the adorable yurt I am staying in (which I highly recommend) and slog down the driveway to the yurt. As soon as I stepped inside, I started a fire, made a cup of tea, and now get to post for the day before I crash out.

Yurt in Pocatello ID

Tomorrow, I am heading to Odgen, UT for a Skate Ski Lesson. What a great way to break up a long drive!

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