Amazing how spaciousness 420 sq ft can feel

I am leaving the tiny house tomorrow to head back east to work on my plane. Back to my adorable trailer which is less than half he size of the tiny house. That’s why if feels so spaceous here!

The tiny house is so cute (as I mentioned in a prior post) and I now have the photos to back up my statement.

Sam and Jerry are artists! Their medium is wood. I love the simplicity of their work, which consistently produces function first. Cindy worked the textiles, which add color, and quaint.

Outside with prayer flags
From the stairway
From the front door
From the kitchen
The toilet paper dispenser
Downstairs Flooring. Just plywood!
Upstairs flooring – different plywood – particle board
Dish Towel holder (and home made curtains)
Toothbrush holder in the tiny bathroom.
Curtain ties. Makes opening and closing so simple.

Every inch of space is in use, and they still have room for climbing holds. This place rocks!

Climbing holds

One thought on “Amazing how spaciousness 420 sq ft can feel

  1. Christi – We are so pleased you could stay with us and that you enjoyed our little barn. It was so fun to have you – come back soon!


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