More than half way

What a fun week.

The highlight of the week was probably that the status of getting my plane back in the air is more than half way there! It’s going together nicely and many of the structural upgrades are going to make a huge difference. There was a lot bent, twisted, and cracked. I have some new instruments, the new landing gear goes on soon, and I have bargained with Ray to buy his super cool 26-er tires for Charlie Mike.

Tires for CM – Sweet!!

I skied, ran, mountain biked, and even drove to Spokane this week. I saw a lot of deer, a track that Jerry says is probably a bob cat, and I survived some of the coldest weather yet. Twelve degrees is a bit outside of my comfort zone. Thank goodness for my big down jacket!!

Bob Cat?

Next week I’m heading to Seattle to get some papers out of my basement. I hope to ski on my way home. It’s a good opportunity to unload some things I brought that I should have left and to pick up some stuff I forgot. Still in the shake down mode for sure. Then, I’m off to Vegas! More on that next week!

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