Day two started with a full blue sky and not a cloud! Oh how the warmth of that sunshine fills my soul! I was heading East and then North with a windshield full of that dazzling, round, yellow orb!

I first checked out the natural history site in the park, which talks about the ice age dam that burst eons ago in Montana, carving the special natural features of the potholes area. It’s a phenominal landscape, well preserved by the Columbia Wildlife Refuge.

I found a place along the dam to pull over, and trails going into the refuge. I put on my running shoes and headed out to Soda Lake. There were a few fishers or hunters driving through, but mainly it was just me and a few birds. So beautiful. So refreshing. I feel like I can breathe.

Tomorrow, I am off to Winthrop to ski with my friend Lynn. I am not taking the trailer, will stay with her at her new home. My plan is to ski hard, and spend lots of time in her glorious hot tub on the river.

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