On the road

I left Seattle. It was pouring rain. A typical January day for the PNW. My car and trailer are loaded. I have everything I can think of that I might need through May. That’s too much stuff, I know, but my goal is to not have to return before then.

As I drove over the pass, my car worked way too hard to pull my trailer. Oops (as Nancy said), I think I either need a beefier car or a lighter trailer. Well, I can either beat myself up for making an uninformed decision or I can just decide to sell the trailer, learn a lesson and move forward. I choose the latter. My motto is nothing permanent.

Being this free of responsibilities makes me giddy. Not having to “be” anywhere is kind of amazing. Too soon to tell for sure, but wow. A new way of being – for me.

I am camped in a campground in Eastern Wa. near I-90 called Potholes. There is a big lake here and people were out in boats fishing yesterday. It was not raining (hooray), but was very windy and cold. It felt so good to see light and to be able to look out for miles. This morning, I hear coyotes howling.

As I was walking around the abandonded campground, I heard birds calling. I looked up and this flock of geese flew over.

Ahhh. Outside, no one around, peaceful enough that the call of birds is loud. I feel grateful to be here, on the road.

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