Pai in the rear view mirror

I fell in love with Pai. ❤️

When I met Tanner, a Canadian driving the Mae Hong Son loop the opposite direction of mine, he said “Pai has something for everyone”. He was SO right!

I hiked and ran trails, swam in two waterfalls, visited the “white Buddha”, found a favorite food vendor, swam in the Pai river during several lunch breaks while in massage school, walked the walking street, went to the day and night markets, visited a couple of national parks…..the list goes on. I really loved it!!

Some Pai souvenir’s

It has the perfect vibe of funky, fun, active and yes, there is something there for everyone.

Plus, the drive from Pai to Chiang Mai is a blast!! There are 762 curves to master. (And remember, this is driving on the left!!) I’m pretty stoked it was so fun, flowy and easy!!

Pai loves the hippies, its curves and everything in between. It’s a great place to spend time, as much as you can.

I miss it already.

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