The Thailand Loop

The rave reviews about The Mae Hong Son motorcycle loop in Thailand being one of the best in the world is not overstated.

I have visited the tip top of Thailand, swam under waterfalls and in Rivers. Climbed stairs to beautiful temples to watch the sunset, trail run through several parks, rode winding, fun, fast roads, and I’m not done yet!!

It is tropical, lush, clean, the roads are beautiful and uncrowded, and it’s just so easy!

My route has been a little “off the usual path” (not surprised, are you?) after meeting other motorbikes heading the opposite way on “the loop”. The beta has been so helpful and allowed me to see even more beautiful places.

I ventured out of Mae Hong Son town, to visit a Namtok Mae Surin National Park. Wow!! There were cabins right on the Pai River, so cute and cozy, and not one person there. I had the place to myself. I went for a couple of swims, (and so did my phone…) and sat on a rock reading my book.

This morning, I ran trails on the edge of this same park and found beautiful swings all along my way!

After running, I drove a few hours to reach Pai. A cute, heavily touristed spot where I’m going to explore the area tomorrow and then start my massage class on Monday.

My time here is ticking away. My brain is staring to turn toward home. I feel fortunate to have so much to look forward to upon arriving back in the US of A.

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