4000 reasons to love 4000 islands!!

I arrived to Don Det and the 4000 Islands yesterday via van (packed to the ceiling) and ferry. Thankfully, the van ride was only 2.5 hours.

A short walk from the van brought me to the ferry dock.

Ferry dock
My ferry boat

The Island of Don Det is populated with guest houses and rice Paddy farms. That’s really it. It is a tropical paradise! You can choose to stay on the sunrise side, or the sunset side. Both are beautiful.

Today, I went for an 8 hour kayak tour. I was blown away!! We were provided breakfast, lunch, boat guide, boat, paddle, life vest, and several overland transfers, all for $22 USD. The best $22 I have spent in a long time!

What a day!! Paddling, swimming, paddling, waterfalls, meeting cool people from around the world….and basking in the sun.

Tomorrow: more of all of that!!! I absolutely love the 4000 Islands!!

One thought on “4000 reasons to love 4000 islands!!

  1. Words like ferry, kayaking, waterfall, sunrise, sunset and islands call up very different images for us back in Washington! How wonderful it is that you are experiencing what these words mean in a different land!!

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