Coffee, Cacao and Cassava

Today I stopped by a coffee farm where I met Mr Liang. He owns about three acres where he cultivates three varieties of coffee: Robusta, Arabic, and Liberica; as well as cacao and he’s hoping for some cannabis in the future.

The Wave

I’m back on a motorcycle touring the Bolaven Plateau. On this five day journey I plan to visit and drink LOTS of coffee!!

The nursery
coffee parchment removal tool
His roaster

You probably know how much I love coffee, and maybe not, that I worked in coffee for 11 years- including at the trading desk and in the tasting room. I was his best student on the tour…..

We strolled his land while he explained coffee: growing, harvesting, washing, drying, milling and finally roasting. He taught himself. And did a great job! He knows his stuff.

We were introduced to each variety of tree, and he explained the Laos cassava market to us.

Cassava sticks

We also had the chance to eat red ants!! And honestly, they were not bad….tasted lemony.

Red Ant Snack

Who knows what’s in store next…..I’m hoping for more great coffee. Everything else is icing on the cake.

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