The Loop

It’s a thing here in Laos. You rent a motorbike and ride through the countryside on a loop that begins and ends in Thakhet.


I’m doing the “best of the loop” (Thanks to Mad Monkey Motorbikes).

I’m leaving the loop where the arrow says Phon Savanh

Today, I left Thaklet and drove fun, winding roads 120km through the beautiful countryside, and mountain climbs to Thalang. I’m staying at Posey Guest House (with other “loopers”). Posey is “fine, not fabulous”. Good enough for me.

A high pass

It was VERY windy today, and I was bundled in fleece and a shell to stay warm. Warmer days are ahead and I’m so glad the forecast is getting warmer.

Night one: Posey Guesthouse

I’ll keep posting my progress! It’s fun to share and keeps me stopping to take photos.

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