The calm of travel

I’m sitting in my hut drinking coffee, listening to the rooster crowing today’s sunrise.

What I’m noticing most, in my Laos travel adventure -so far-, is that I have time…..There is no schedule, no return ticket to worry about, no pre-planned activities. I just get to be totally relaxed and take my time with anything I wish. What a gift!!!

Yesterday, Sam, Melissa and I, along with couple other guys from camp, went to rock climb. It has been at least three years since I tied into a rope. It felt great! Hooray for muscle memory!!

Scott and I taught Sam to climb when he was about 12 years old. He is now an incredible rock climber. Watching him sail up extremely difficult routes is a joy. It’s so gratifying knowing I helped expose him to something that he lives every day of his life!

Today will just unfold. A bike ride? More climbing? Read a book? I do love the “open to all options” vibe of my trip so far. A good start to all that lies ahead.

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