Wyoming, South Dakota, and Minnesota

Thermopolis Wyoming was pretty cool. The airport is ten miles from town, so the FBO owner loaned me a Cadillac. I started at the hot springs, and then went on to the dinosaur museum. Between, I saw buffalo grazing in the green open space.

Next up, Spearfish South Dakota. I really loved this place. It was friendly and packed with activities! This is the heart of the Black Hills and is just a few minutes from Sturgis. The scenery is stunning. I took a side trip and flew over Devils Tower, which is sure a lot greener than I expected! My bike ride up the Spearfish Canyon was delightful!

Cheyenne River

Now I am in Minnetonka, MN with two of my burner airport team! Taking off tomorrow morning to see Cha Cha and Linda at her family lake house. Happy to get back up in the air.

2 thoughts on “Wyoming, South Dakota, and Minnesota

  1. A Cadillac loaner! Fancy schmancy. Great photos. No Harley-Davidsons in Sturgis yet I suppose. Big hugs to Cha Cha and Linda for me please!


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