On the Water, In the Water

Saturday was a calm, sunny, warm day. Perfect for a SUP outing. The hostel I’m staying in is about 750 meters from a beach. I hefted my SUP onto my back and walked to the water.

After launching, I paddled out toward the Island in the bay. As I worked my way across the channel, I saw, out of the corner of my eye, some movement. I sat down and just watched. The dolphins gave me a show!!

The following day I signed up for “swimming with the tuberon ballena” (Whale Shark). What a thrill! They are the largest fish (fish, not mammal). They hang out in shallow waters just off shore in the bay in La Paz. Out guide said that this is “the nursery” for the whale sharks.

To swim with these giants of the sea, you jump out of the boat (with a guide) and swim as fast as you can to keep up with this gi-normous fish that is effortlessly moving. You can see it’s eyes, and feel the rush of their movement. It’s a thrill!!!

Whale Shark

There are some joys on the water in La Paz, not to be missed!

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