The cutest little turtles

Tonight at sunset a group of us from the hostel drove out to Tortugueros Las Playitas to watch the evening’s release of baby turtles.


The organization collects Turtle Eggs on the beach and securely hatches them. They then release the hatchlings out to the sea.

The turtles are tiny.

Crawling toward the Surf

They are so cute.

Turtling toward the Surf

They only walk toward the surf. Not one turned away from the surf.

The turtles are so small, and the ocean is so vast. It felt a little sad, like those tiny little turtles, must feel alone, lonely……yet, rather, they seemed to be excitedly getting started in their life in the huge, surging, Pacific Ocean swimming alongside the whales.

2 thoughts on “The cutest little turtles

  1. That is one of the most wonderful things I have seen. I know it had to be awesome to experience such a wonderful part of nature’s life cycle. Adorable and brave turtles!


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