What a playground!

Northern New Mexico is an outdoor person’s odyssey. I have been here a total of 12 days, and durning that time, have adventured on land, water and air!

I have my mountain bike and my SUP, and I have been putting both to good use.

Cha Cha and me

Our first outing was on the Chama River. We both supped. The river was so low it took us about six hours to go four miles! The shuttle went about equally as well…..my mountain bike blew a tube on the way to the truck. Urgh.

South Boundary Trail

Next, we mountain biked the “best ride in New Mexico”. It really was! We rode The South Boundary Trail, a ridge for about 25 miles. Instead of walking the last two miles through a really rough, rocky, trail, we opted for the longer, smoother finish of the Ojitos Trail. The Aspen trees were amazing, the views were stunning and the ride itself was super fun! I see why the trail gets such high ratings.

The Aspens!
Going Up

The following day called for something cool, wet and without a bike seat. We chose to float a five-ish mile section of The Rio Grande. What a blast! Cha Cha wanted to soak his bike-seat-sore hind side in the water, and I chose my SUP. For some reason, Cha Cha thought a shovel would be a good paddle……I ended up towing him. People along the way got quite a kick out of the sight of us!


Our timing was impeccable. I rode my bike to get the truck, just as the daily thundestorms were rolling above the Rio Grande. We loaded the truck, and began to drive, just as the sky opened and rain fell – hard!

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