Beating the heat

James, Jason, Wally (the puppy) and I escaped the record breaking heat in Seattle last weekend. We flew up to the San Juan Islands for a weekend of fun!

Orcas Camping
Wally and Jason at Orcas Island airport

Leaving Friday night, we made Orcas Island just before dark. There were many other pilots there with the same idea. The spirit was festive!

The toys
An otter stopped by

We were so lucky to have a car available to us. Saturday morning we spashed the day away in Cascade Lake in Moran State Park. Sunday, we found a nice park in downtown Eastsound where we swung in the hammock, slack lined and SUP’d. I don’t swim in Puget Sound that often, but this weekend it was essential.

Heading home

Monday, we decided to try another island. We first went to Stuart, but no one there was very friendly, we we moved on to Lopez. Toby was kind enough to loan us his car, and we again soaked in Hummel Lake, and then out on Agate Beach Park.

Our hottest day in Seattle was not that hot. Lucky us with our airplanes!

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