“The really happy person……

is the one who can enjoy the scenery, even when they have to take a detour.”

― Sir James Jeans

This is how I felt today when my phone directed me to a dirt road today. The directions said to go this way for 75 miles. At first I thought, “oh no……what if?”

Then I thought, well, this looks beautiful! I will just head this way and see how it goes. Within a mile, a very special canyon started to take shape. It was beautiful! Then, I came to this sign:

Rock Springs is 75 miles from here.

Well, this sounds super cool, so onward! The canyon just kept getting better and better.

Irish Canyon

The road was hard packed dirt for about 30 miles. At that point, the road shifted from Colorado to Wyoming and pavement began. I passed two cars in those 75 miles.

What a gift to see this part of the world. A lucy break by choosing the route that was 8 minutes longer when given the option. Not really a shortcut, but you get the idea.

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