Come ski with me :-)

I will be leaving New Mexico on Sunday, March 7 to ski my way home. Please accept my invitation to join me at any of the ski areas along the way. I have rooms (and one house) reserved the night prior to the ski date. Join me!

The route

Sunday March 7 – Leadville, Air BNB – whole house! Skate ski in Leadville

Monday March 8th- Ski Cooper ski lifts

Monday night March 8th – Pinedale, Wy

Tuesday March 9th – Whitepine skin up, ski down

Tuesday Night March 9th – Jackson Hole, Wy Air BNB

Wednesday March 10th – Ski Jackson Hole! ski lifts (yes, super expensive, but my favorite place in the USA to ski)

Wednesday night March 10th – Salmon, ID

Thursday March 11th ski – Lost Trail I have one friend meeting me here.

Thursday night March 11th – stay with friend in Missoula

Friday March 12 – Home.

It’s a fast trip. Ski, ski, ski, drive, drive, drive. I want to be to Lost Trail on Thursday, because they are closed Mon-Wed and you get the best freshie by landing there on Thursday.

Send me a note! Hope you can join me!

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