Skate Ski

Today, while Lynn waited for her contractor to show up (it’s 4pm and no word yet), I went for an 8 mile skate ski.

Only 4 other cars in the parking lot, and the temperature 19 degrees. Perfect. The cord-d-roy grooming, pristine. The sound of my skis against the grain convinced me I was cruising. The air is clean, clear and crisp. The sky is peaking out blue. I love retirement!

I did the easy trails, which were not that easy for me. It’s been a long time since I was last on skate skis and not running for several months has really put my cardio into the “needs improvement” category.

Still, I did 8 miles and stopped wanting more. I was hugry, it was after mid-day, and I headed back to Lynn’s to grab a bite. I was hoping she would want to go out again, but she is still waiting for Brad the contractor. I sure hope he shows up. Tomorrow we are going to downhill at Loup Loup. No more waiting for Brad.

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