Reflections from my trip

Experiencing life on the road, across countries and cultures, out of my familiar life and surroundings, is the best teacher of all. Mostly, it has been teaching me about myself, and trust me, I have been paying attention. A few musings, just for fun, sprinkled with some favorite photos.

A visitor on the Pai River

I really love hot weather. It has been about 100 degrees for the past six weeks. I’m going to freeze in Seattle!!

Visiting northern Laos and Thailand would have been better prior to Feb 28 to miss the smoke. I had no idea…..

Cities make for hard (and mostly worth it) travel.

Chiang Mai night market

This 62 year old brain learns slower and slower as the years roll by. It’s hard to accept that. Massage training (rote memorization) was a struggle, but I hung in there and got my certificate. In the end I really enjoyed the entire experience-the easy and the hard.

Refundable reservations are the only way to go! I either have a refundable resie or just contact the establishment immediately prior to arrival. There is always just walking in the door (which is easy in low season). It worked great and gave me tons of flexibility.

Google Fi, Google Maps and What’s App rock. Technology makes world travel SO much easier!!

Attending another culture’s major holiday is fun, festive and energizing. Even when people are throwing buckets (not joking) of water on you!

People are amazing everywhere. Not a new lesson, but travel reinforces this truth every day.

Brandon. American teaching English in Oman. We took the photo because I’m the first pilot he has ever met.

I’m so proud of, and impressed by Sam and Melissa and Green Climbers Home. It is a true joy to be a part of such a special place.

A few additional quick thoughts.

I have been catching myself worrying about stuff and it helps nothing. I’m trying to stop.

I have re-engaged with my love of reading and have been zooming through book after book. Thank you Seattle Public Library.

I don’t miss watching TV (or Netflix etc). At all. Zero.

Riding a motorcycle is scary. And so so fun.

It warms me to sit here in my last guesthouse, my last moments in SE Asia, and look back on this trip. What a wonderful ride it has been.

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