I’m staying at Kam’s Mystic Mountain coffee farm. Kam is smart, creative and a true scientist. He grows delicious coffee, avocados, cacao, weed, and more. He is a master coffee roaster and a super nice guy.

He grows high quality Arabica coffee all under shade. He sells mainly to visitors to his farm.

The view from the top of this hill is breathtaking.

View point

I’m staying for two nights so I can climb the two peaks nearby.

He has the sunrise view and the sunset view. So far, I have been here for the sunset.

I also was fortunate to hang out with a couple of crazies who live in Laos and stopped by for the day. They drank, smoked and puffed. They were a hoot and provided great entertainment.

The party boys

Tomorrow: to the mountains! I’m thrilled to spend two full days in this coffee haven!

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